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Glammy L-18


450 Classic

NEW! from Iso-Italia Matrix line, The Glammy L-18 is by far the best high pressure tanning bed in the indusrty today!
Relaxation, comfort, and ultra performance , this bed hands down delivers everything you need to experience the best tan ever! With a 12 minute maximum and high output ultra performance facial tanners you get the best tan in a short amonut of time. The large ergonomically formed body shape acrylics, built in air-conditioning and Aqua Mist for that added comfort.
This Ergoline 450 Classic is a great bed for that quick blast of intense color. The 4 High Pressure facials offer beautiful bronzing results for your face neck and shoulders while 42 low pressure lamps ensure even all around intense color for you body! A 15 min. maximum offers enough time for relaxing while the powerful fans keep you cool!
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Sun Up

VIP 3200

Perfect 360 degrees of ultra performance bronzing lamps. Our Tan America classic Stand up unit is still superior to the competition. Your own personal stereo and powerful fans to keep your tanning exprience cool and enjoyable.
The perfect step 1 bed for any skin type. Build your base tan with comfort in this stylish bed. Complete with on/off face tannners, great ventilation to keep you cool along with deep base results to prepare you for that well deserved vacation and sunshine!


The 32 lamp low pressure bed is a great choice for skin type 2-3 to build a deep base tan with golden long lasting results. 20 minutes of comfort as this bed heats up to a perfect intensity allowing for detoxing of the skin.