Vasculyse FAQ's

Question:   Is this procedure safe?

Answer:  Yes! At Oasis Sun our Medical esthetician has been trained and certified to perform electro coagulation and has aslo been trained in Infection Prevention and Blood Borne Pathogen certification. We use disposable sterile stylus tips to perform electro coagulation and immediatley and properly dispose of the tips once the tratment is complete. The procedure is also non-invasive and post treatment reaction is minimal.

Question:   How long does the treatment take?

Answer:  Treatment times vary for each blemish type and how many need to be treated. Typically to remove 3 small skin tags or sun spots the treatment would take 5 to 10 minutes. Broken capilliaries can take 1/2 hr for a nickle size area or 10 to 15 small skin tags.

Question:   What is the process?

Answer:   Upon arriving for your treatment a medical questionaire is required to be filled out and post care instructions will be explained. We use a disposable sterile tip to transfer a controlled current to the blemish. Grazing the blemish with the tip to get a proper response. The blemish instantly will be coagulated and if required a cooling pack is then applied for a few minutes.

Question:   What kind of blemishes can be treated?

Answer:   The Vasculyse can easily and effectively remove any of the following blemishes; Spider angioma, Spider viens, Broken capilliaries, Skin tags, Sun spots or Age spots, Ruby points, Blood moles, Cholesterol deposits, Milia. These blemishes can be removed from almost anywhere on the body.

Question:   Does the procedure hurt?

Answer: The Vasculyse is a non-invasive procedure and virtually painless. Some clients may feel a slight pricking sensation that may be mildly uncomfortable during the treatment and resolves within seconds.

Question?   What can I expect after the treatment?

Answer: You will experience mild redness and treated area may scab. Scabbing is normal and can take up to 2-3 weeks to heal. For a list of aftercare guidelines and what to expect post treatment click here!
After Care for Skin Tag removal