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  2. Teeth Whitening
    Teeth Whitening
    New advanced system for whiter brighter teeth!
  3. Smart Tan Certifited
    Smart Tan Certifited
    18 Year member
  4. Mani's / Pedi's
    Mani's / Pedi's
    Professional Manicures and pedicures in a clean, safe and friendly environment!
  5. Skin Tag Removal
    Skin Tag Removal
    Remove unwanted skin tags, sun spots and Broken capillaries safely, instantly and effectively
  With 21 years of experience in the tanning industry, Oasis Sun has been sucessfully  helping our clients achieve and maintain an esthetically pleasing tan with a balanced approach and keeping caution to the golden rule: "DONT" burn your skin! It's not part of the tanning process for healthy tanning! 
  Our mission has always been to offer and educate the truth about the natural process of tanning your skin related to the facts of Sun Light exposure (heilotherapy). Sunlight exposure is natural and "NECESSARY" to human life like water, air and food! We want to educate on the benefits as an effective treatment for various skin conditions as well as the positive psychological effects of Ultra-Violet light exposure. To help you understand that to little is non beneficial and increases illnesses such as Vitamin D deficiency, lack of serentonin production and the list goes on.... The key here is that the benefits of ultra violet light exposure lays in moderation... We all need it for our well being but to much of it can be just as bad as to little....

  Our goal is to be recognized as industry leaders by setting new standards in the proper administraton of all light based technologies within the Health, Wellness, and Medi-esthetic Fields. To help and educate how to correctly enjoy sunshine as part of a healthy life style and acknowledging that moderate exposure is the best way to maximize the benfits of UV-light exposure and to minimize potential risks associated with too little or too much light exposure.
  We take great pride in providing our clients with dedicaed, knowledgeable staff, a clean and friendly environment, and of cource, the right technologies to achieve and maintain the results they expect!....